Support GCS 支持中文学校


Our Mission

  • Provide Chinese language education
  • Promote Chinese culture
  • Serve local communities
  • Facilitate culture exchange between USA and China
  • Protect the minority right of American Chinese


  • 提供中文教育
  • 传播中华文化
  • 服务本地社区
  • 促进中美文化交流
  • 保护华人利益

  • GCS is a 501(3) federally registered non-profit organization. Your donations to us are tax-deductible.
  • GCS is also on the list of charity organizations to receive the donations from the NC State Employees Combined Campaign.
    * If you decide to participate the NC State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC), please consider to direct your donations to Greenville Chinese school with the code 3711.
  • To donate online, please use the Donate button above to send money through our secured Paypal webpage.
  • To donate by check, please write checks payable to:
    Greenville Chinese School, and mail it to:
    PO Box 3651
    Greenville, NC 27836


  • 格林威尔中文学校为联邦政府注册的非营利机构。您的捐款可免税。
  • 格林威尔中文学校也是可接受北卡州政府发起的政府雇员募捐的慈善机构之一。

What Your Donation Can Do?

  • Support the Chinese Activity Center of GCS for performance and culture activities
  • Provide GCS students from families with need for tuition assistance
  • Support GCS teacher certification training
  • Establish a GCS foundation for long-term support of Chinese community


  • 为学校华人活动中心准备各种华人社区演出活动提供经费
  • 为困难家庭学生提供减免学费帮助
  • 为学校教师提供中文教育资格培训
  • 建立为格林威尔华人社区长期服务的中文学校基金

A List of Main Activities

  • Organizer for the Chinese new year celebration from 2007 to 2009
  • Participate the Greenville International Festival in 2008 and 2009
  • Perform for the patient members of youth summer camp by the ECU’s Heart Institute in 2008
  • Perform at the Art Festival organized by the Art School of ECU


  • 2007至2009年的春节联欢晚会
  • 2008和2009年格林威尔市的国际节
  • 2008年东卡大学医学院心脏病研究所组织的患病儿童夏令营
  • 2009年东卡大学艺术学院组织的艺术表演节