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Spring 2021 春季

This semester all our Chinese classes will be conducted online due to COVID-19. We are providing online registration and payment options. Please fill out the registration form below to register one or multiple students. Once we receive your online registration, we will email you an invoice. You will be able to pay online or mail a check. Thank you.


School Starts on January 17th (Sunday), 1:00pm
开学日期: 1月17日(星期天)
时间: 下午1点

Tuition: $150; Book fee (if needed): $30; Registration fee (for new student): $20/family
学费:$150; 书费 (需要的年级):$30; 注册费 (新生):$20 / 每家庭
Duration: 14 classes, 2 hours each. Some classes are once a week, and some are twice a week.

Please mail check to:
PO Box 3651
Greenville, NC 27836

If you have any question, please contact us. 如果您有任何疑问,请 联系我们

Greenville Chinese School Registration Form

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