Dear Families,

Happy Holidays! 大家节日快乐!我们终将挥别2020,迎接2021,希望各位在新的一年里,百事亨通,万事如意。

For Spring 2021, Greenville Chinese School classes will start on Sunday, January 17th, 2021. For most classes, we will offer Chinese classes from 1pm to 3pm. But our teachers might offer a different schedule in order to accommodate student needs. Please refer to the attached class schedule for more details. Due to the uncertainty of the environment, we will continue to offer online classes. For the new semester, we will transition to Google Meet for our virtual classes. Your teacher will provide more instructions in individual WeChat groups.

2021年春季学期将于1月17日开始,从下午1点到3点上中文课. 每个班级的课程时间可能会稍微不同,届时老师们会提供更详细的课程信息。春季学期校方决定继续网上教课。请参照附件春季课表。这学期我们将使用Google Meet. 老师们开学前将在各个班级微信群内分享使用说明。

Best wishes to you and your family in this holiday season. Please register for class online here.

  • School begins on Sunday, 1/17 at 1:00pm EST.
  • Tuition: $150
  • Book fee (if needed): $30
  • Registration fee (for new student only): $20/family
  • 开学日期和时间: 1月17日(星期天)下午1点
  • 学费:$150
  • 书费 (需要的年级):$30
  • 注册费 (新生):$20 / 每家庭

Payment options 付款方式: 

  1. Online 在线付款 (Once we receive your online registration, we will email you an invoice) 
  2. Mail: please mail check to (支票邮寄到):
    Greenville Chinese School
    PO Box 3651
    Greenville, NC 27836

Thank you for your support and understanding. We look forward to learning together again this Fall. Please stay safe and healthy. 


Luyao Yan (Principal)
Greenville Chinese School