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Fall 2018

Download Fall 2018 Schedule (PDF)

Classrooms: Building B: 203,204, 206; House 4: 1st grade; Building B: 202 (library)-for parents
Location: Covenant Winterville Campus Building B and House 4 (4015 Corey Road Winterville, NC 28590)
Time: 1PM – 3PM (regular class time)

STEM Classes: 3:15-4:15pm on Sundays (Download STEM Schedule PDF Spring 2018)

Teacher and classroom arrangement:

  • 1st Grade: Ms. Yuan, House 4
  • 2nd Grade: Ms. Wen, Building B room 203
  • 3rd Grade: Ms. Shen, Building B room 204
  • 6th grade: Ms. Sun, Ruiyi, and Peiyi (each teaches 4-5 classes during the semester), Building B room 206

    * This year, we also reserved the library room 202 for parents.

Greenville Chinese School Fall 2018 calendar / schedule